Windsurf Pit

The Windsurf gravel pit just outside Lydd is about 8 acres in size with depths of 6ft to 10ft deep. As you'd expect from a gravel pit there are many features including bars, troughs, shallows, snags and marginal reeds.

There is a good stock of Carp to 33lb, Tench to 12lb, Bream to 16.5lb plus specimen Rudd and Roach along with Eels and a few Pike.

Windsurf Lake viewWindsurf Lake viewWindsurf Lake view

We stocked 30 x double figured Carp into here on 17th November 2012. These quality fish were supplied by Paul Middleton who has stocked Medway Valley’s Brooklands in the past and they have grown extremely well. We are expecting our fish to do the same, so we will have a few more lumps roaming around in here in years to come.

Night fishing is permitted on here.

CADAC members can park just inside the park entrance on the left or further along, round the corner on the left hand side (please see parking locations clearly shown on aerial shot on bottom RHS of this page).


Fishing Boundary: 

There is a small section that the owner has allocated for campers & day ticket anglers on the south side, please see picture on the right which clearly shows where this area is.


There is a toilet here for members to use from April to Nov -


Read more about the Windsurf Pit Rules



Note: This pit does suffer from Blue-Green Algae from time to time. Please read this ADVICE NOTICE if you plan to fish here.


Public access to our waters is not permitted.
Access to all CADAC waters is strictly for members only.
All our waters are secured with padlocks.
Members can find the code on the back of their current Membership Card.