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The next work party is on:

Burnt Wood - Sun 30th June 2024 (Not 23rd)

The more members come to help, the more we can get done!

To get involved just simply turn up on the day!

Membership places are filling up fast!

Get your applications in before we have to start the waiting list.

Renewals Open NOW!

Existing members were sent a renewal link via email or a form by post in mid Feb.

Renewal link and form are on the Membership page.

Your payment must have your surname and postcode as a reference so we can identify who the payment is from.

Please note that our agreement with Weirwood Fishery expired on 7th Jan 2024 and will not be renewed

Winter Newsletter out now!

Club merchandise

Look good on the bank!

We have polo shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, woolly hats in green or black and all sizes.

Plus thermal mugs (keeps drinks cold and hot)

Order by email

Herons Park - Lydd

With immediate effect there is no arrivial or departing inbetween the hours of midnight to 4am.

Night fishing is still allowed. Just movement on and off the site is restricted.

Spring 2022 newsletter out now!

Cranbrook & District Angling Club is 70 years old!

To celebrate our Platinum Anniversary, we have commissioned a limited stock of 400ml thermal mugs with a special 70th Anniversary logo on them.

Order yours here

Posted 16/09/21


As per our rules, rubbish is not to be left at any water (including neatly placed in the car parks).

Also our rules sate if you find rubbish in your swim, you must clear it away.


Posted 05/05/21

Renewals - Photo Cards

If you are renewing and you still have an ID card do not send in a photo with your application and certainly do not remove the photo from your ID card and send that in.

ID cards are for life, unless you are junior, when a photo is required if you progress to an intermediate.

Posted 23/03/21



Working Parties - YOUR club needs you! - 05/03/2023

Please don't leave it all for the Committee to do!

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CADAC Merchandise - 01/03/2023


We have a stock of mugs, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Woolly Hats and Baseball Caps with the clubs logo embroidered on the front. They come in either black or olive green. Various sizes of shirts and hoodies from Small to XXXL. Hats and caps are one size fits all.

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CADAC Newsletters - 31/12/2022

CADAC Newsletters

All CADAC members receive regular newsletters either by post or by our e-newsletter service.

Latest Newsletter out now!

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70th Anniversary thermal mugs - 31/12/2021

70th Anniversay mugs available now

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Bailiffs wanted - 24/02/2021

Bailiffs wanted

Due to the widespread locations of our waters and the ever increasing incidents of tresspassing and poaching, we are looking for members to come forward and be Bailiffs for individual waters.

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Burnt Wood Regeneration Project - 31/08/2011

 Burnt Wood Regeneration Project

Take a look at the work we did back in 2011 to extend and regenerate the lake at Burnt Wood.

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Working Parties - YOUR club needs you!
CADAC Merchandise
CADAC Newsletters
CADAC Newsletters

70th Anniversary thermal mugs
Bailiffs wanted
Bailiffs wanted
 Burnt Wood Regeneration Project
Burnt Wood Regeneration Project