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Our next AGM will be on Thursday 6th Feb 2020 8pm

Headcorn Golf Club

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Park Farm access times extended

The owner has kindly agreed to keep the summer access times which are from 4am to 10pm - apart from Thursdays he would like us to be off site at 4.30pm. This means gate in/out times. Do not abuse.

Sunday 14th April 2019 - Darwell 9am for a couple of hours

Everyone that comes along will get £10 off next seasons member (or £10 refund if you have already paid) and a FREE guest day ticket worth £15

Contact : Trevor McGregor 07737320961

Sawlodge shoot dates

Please be aware that this venue will be CLOSED on these shoot dates:

Click here for closure dates

Big Barbel from Wateringbury!

Check out the photo of an 11lb14oz Barbel that member Gordon Lindsey caught from our stretch of the River Medway at Wateringbury recently.

Excessive bait warning

Can members please refrain from piling in loads of excessive bait into our waters during the hot periods as this affects the water quality and puts our fish stocks health at risk.

This is particularly important at the more busy venues like Springwood as all you are doing is putting your bait on top of someone elses pile of uneaten bait.

Sawlodge Farm CLOSED on these Shoot Dates

Spring newsletter out now!

All our waters have a TWO rod maximum rule (except at Darwell and Windsurf Pit where 3 rods are permitted).

Bailiffs will not accept any EXCUSES!

Please make sure you and everyone you know uses our fundraising portal to collect free donations for us when you’re buying anything online

Read more on the new rod licence changes

If using the electronic bank transfer for renewals or guest tickets, please make sure you use last name and post code to identify payment.

CADAC Baseball Caps, Polo Shirts, Hoodies and Woolly Hats

Look the part this season.

To view any of our clothing, visit our merchandise page HERE

We need ALL our members, their friends and family to use our Easyfundraising portal when buying anything online. It's so simple and easy, the more people that use it, the more is raised for the club.

Make sure you (and everyone you know) uses it every time you buy something online.

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Working Parties - YOUR club needs you! - 31/12/2018

Sunday 18th November 2018


To do: Strimming, bonfire, tree clearing, swim maintenance

9am onwards - Bring strimmers, tree pruners, saws etc

Please don't leave it all for the Committee to do!

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CADAC Newsletters - 30/12/2018

CADAC Newsletters

All CADAC members receive regular newsletters either by post or by our e-newsletter service.

Latest Newsletter out now!

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CADAC Merchandise - 29/12/2018


We have a stock of Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Woolly Hats and Baseball Caps with the clubs logo embroidered on the front. They come in either black or olive green. Various sizes of shirts and hoodies from Medium to XXXL. Hats and caps are one size fits all.

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Do ALL your online shopping here - 28/12/2018

Easily raise funds for the club

Imagine how much we could raise if every member, their family and friends used it every time they bought something online!

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Bailiffs wanted - 27/12/2018

Bailiffs wanted

Due to the widespread locations of our waters and the ever increasing incidents of tresspassing and poaching, we are looking for members to come forward and be Bailiffs for individual waters.

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Be a qualified angling coach - 26/12/2018

We are looking for volunteers that would be interested in taking a LS2 or LS1 Angling Coaches course.

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Cranbrook Angling gains FishMark Accreditation - 26/12/2018

Cranbrook & District Angling Club is proud to announce that we have attained the prestigious Angling Trust Fishmark Accreditation, making us the ONLY officially recognised coarse fishing Clubmark accredited club in Kent.

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WANTED Wood chippings and chip bark - 25/12/2018

We urgently need several tons of chip bark and wood chippings.

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Be an Angling Champion - 24/12/2018

Having Angling Champions in a club can help encourage others to go fishing.

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Fishing Cartoons - 23/12/2018

Fishing Cartoon

We have been going through the club files and found these hidden away in a box file.

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Tale from Burnt Wood - 22/12/2018

 Tale from Burnt Wood

The bicycle ride from Maidstone to Burnt Wood took some time, I would strap the two rods and rest together, accompanied with the landing net which I would then wrap around the whole ensemble and then tie the whole thing to the frame of the ten gear racer.

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The Fishermans Prayer - 21/12/2018

The Fishermans Prayer

Our fisherman, Who art on riverbanks...

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Burnt Wood Regeneration Project - 31/08/2011

 Burnt Wood Regeneration Project

Take a look at the work we did back in 2011 to extend and regenerate the lake at Burnt Wood.

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Working Parties - YOUR club needs you!
CADAC Newsletters
CADAC Newsletters
CADAC Merchandise

Do ALL your online shopping here
Bailiffs wanted
Bailiffs wanted

Be a qualified angling coach

Cranbrook Angling gains FishMark Accreditation

WANTED Wood chippings and chip bark

Be an Angling Champion
Fishing Cartoon
Fishing Cartoons
 Tale from Burnt Wood
Tale from Burnt Wood
The Fishermans Prayer
The Fishermans Prayer
 Burnt Wood Regeneration Project
Burnt Wood Regeneration Project