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Cranbrook & District Angling Club is 70 years old!

To celebrate our Platinum Anniversary, we have commissioned a limited stock of 400ml thermal mugs with a special 70th Anniversary logo on them.

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Posted 16/09/21

Windsurf Pit at Lydd CLOSED FOR EVENT

Please note Windsurf Pit Lydd will be closed on Sunday 26th September 8AM to 8PM for a event. There will be no member access at this time.

Posted 20/09/21

Rosemay Lakes

The date for the Rosemary Lakes work party has been changed to Thursday 30th September from 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Your help would be very much appreciated.

Posted 21/09/21

Windsurf Pit at Lydd car park maintenance

Please note that the main car park will be closed on Friday 17th Sept as we are finishing the resurfacing work. Please do not park your cars in there during these times.

Posted 15/09/21

Boat Safety Induction

There will be a boat saftey induction on Saturday 29th May at 8am. To book on please let Trevor know on 0746004294.

Posted 22/05/21


Brooklands will be closed on Saturday 29th May 8:30am to 12:30pm for the farmer to do sme general work around the lake.

There is no access during this time.

Posted 11/05/21

Windsurf Pit Lydd

Windsurf Pit will be closed on the following evening  with no access to members - Wednesday 14th July (4pm to 9pm)

Posted 06/05/21


As per our rules, rubbish is not to be left at any water (including neatly placed in the car parks).

Also our rules sate if you find rubbish in yur swim, you must clear it away.


Posted 05/05/21

Work Party - Runham

The next work party will be on Saturday 15th May at Runham. Please come along and help out if you can that morning. Bring strimmers/pruners etc

If you can come along please contact Mike on 07958536421

Posted 01/05/21

Guest Tickets

We are aware of the situation on the bank and the amount of people that are getting out fishing.

We are keen to ensure that there is space for members on the bank.
So the committee has taken the decision to stop guest tickets with immediate effect until further notice.

We hope you understand. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Posted 20/04/21


As a reminder Weirwood is currently closed to members, due to the owners Covid-19 rules.

As soon as we have news of its re-opening we will of course let you know.

Posted 12/04/21

Match at Saw Lodge

There was a Match on Sunday 11th April at Saw Lodge.

A Good day was had by all. Well done to Ben Ramsden with a winning weight of 63lb 10oz

If you would like to come along to our next match, we would love to have you. Please contact Bill Mitchell.

Posted 12/04/21

Renewals Deadline

Please note that renewing members must send in their renewal form and payment by Sunday 9th May 2021. Any member requesting to renew after this date will be added to the waiting list.

The committee would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the club.

Posted 07/04/2021

Night Fishing

From 29th March night fishing is allowed again BUT there is a 48 hour on / 48 hour off rule.

This means you can only fish for a maximum of 48 hours on any water (which allows night fishing) or combination of waters.

You can’t fish 48 hours at venue 1 then move on to another venue and continue fishing. You will need to have a 48-hour break from the venues.

There is no facility to prebook, it is still just turn up when you want to fish. (Pattenden and Rosemary must still be booked in the normal way).

Any questions please contact one of the committee.

Stay Safe.

Posted 27/03/21

Renewals - Photo Cards

If you are renewing and you still have an ID card do not send in a photo with your application and certainly do not remove the photo from your ID card and send that in.

ID cards are for life, unless you are junior, when a photo is required if you progress to an intermediate.

Posted 23/03/21

Membership Update for the 2021/22 Season

We are now closed to NEW members joining the club at present.

Existing members are still welcome to rejoin in the normal way.

If you are not currently a member we now have a waiting list. A SAE needs to be sent in to have your details added to the waiting list. Full details are to be found on the membership page.

Posted 20/03/21

70th Anniversary mugs available now - 16/09/2021

70th Anniversay mugs available now

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Working Parties - YOUR club needs you! - 15/05/2021

Please don't leave it all for the Committee to do!

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CADAC Merchandise - 01/04/2021


We have a stock of Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Woolly Hats and Baseball Caps with the clubs logo embroidered on the front. They come in either black or olive green. Various sizes of shirts and hoodies from Medium to XXXL. Hats and caps are one size fits all.

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CADAC Newsletters - 01/03/2021

CADAC Newsletters

All CADAC members receive regular newsletters either by post or by our e-newsletter service.

Latest Newsletter out now!

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Bailiffs wanted - 24/02/2021

Bailiffs wanted

Due to the widespread locations of our waters and the ever increasing incidents of tresspassing and poaching, we are looking for members to come forward and be Bailiffs for individual waters.

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Burnt Wood Regeneration Project - 31/08/2011

 Burnt Wood Regeneration Project

Take a look at the work we did back in 2011 to extend and regenerate the lake at Burnt Wood.

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70th Anniversary mugs available now

Working Parties - YOUR club needs you!
CADAC Merchandise
CADAC Newsletters
CADAC Newsletters
Bailiffs wanted
Bailiffs wanted
 Burnt Wood Regeneration Project
Burnt Wood Regeneration Project