Work parties take place every month throughout the year at our waters, as and when required.

But we need your help, as the Committee cannot do all the work (we not as young as we used to be!).



Next planned working parties: 

Burnt Wood - Sunday 3rd March

Bring saws, tree pruners, strimmers, gloves, hi-vis

The more members come to help, the more we can get done!

To get involved just simply turn up on the day!

Please contact the club if you (or know someone who can) supply us the following:

  • Crushed concrete / Hardcore / roadstone
  • Wood chippings
  • Wooden planks
  • Scaffold poles
  • Sleepers
  • Fencing
  • Mini excavators / plant

NOTE: If you are a person/company that provides landscaping, tree surgery, or grounds maintenance and have mowers/strimmers/chainsaws, please contact the club on We have some regular paid work for you.

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